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Prolific Inventor Back With Mystery Inventions and One Has The Music World In Wonder

The popular inventor Mark Schneider is back and this time around, he is back with an exciting innovation that could alter the way the music industry generates revenues for singer /songwriters (at least that is what he is promoting,because getting the information out of him to confirm this innovation likens itself to a special black ops project) . According to Schneider this invention for singer / songwriters will help the musician get much more personal with the fan engagement experience and help them relate to their fan base like never before. I tracked Schneider over the years with intrigue, reading articles about him because of his successes and what appeared to be a many legal battles in protecting his inventions. As an aspiring inventor myself, I wanted to get a glimpse into how he handled these legal battles with others pirating his inventions, maybe I could learn a thing or two as they say. After all, the guy has sold millions of units of his products over the years worldwide in retail outlets and home shopping venues like QVC, HSN, and others. He, however, went into retirement after those setbacks with those who were not loyal to his inventions. Schneider is now launching his new items with much better precautions as he partners with companies who are licensing his new products and having a legal team as his partner to protect his patents and trademarks. I list some of his previous inventions here as a few of his big sellers.

He invented the world popular neck cool bandanna known as the Cool Dana in 1991, (I owned a few of these over the years, they do work). He had to defend it countless times by those who pirated and knocked it off. He also invented tarnish free jewelry boxes in 1999 known as Prezerve in all both selling millions of units. Along the way, he partnered with famed copywriter and 1-800 marketing number creator Joe Sugarman to expand his Blublocker Sunglass brand <p style=”text-align: justify;”>when Schneider invented the Blublocker Auto Visor which by all accounts did an incredible volume of sales.

He has undergone disappointments in the past of which he has learned from. He has everything it takes to prevent his future Baby’s (products) from being stolen this time around. According to Schneider, the objective this time around is that he has taken many more precautions and he is much more guarded to protect his inventions then in the past. He told me in all he has 9 new inventions in different processes of development and they will launch with many different licensees around the world.



Here is the resulting interview with this amazing inventor

HM: I read the article about you a number of years ago, the one where you consider your children as your “Baby’s” , this intrigued me and it seems you have many new Baby’s to protect in the future. Can you share with our audience the type of products you will be launching and when?

Schneider: This time, I have taken many different steps to legally protect the proprietary aspect of my inventions. One specifically is I have a legal team as a partner to deal with all aspects of our legal affairs. As for the type of products, they are all unique consumer related generally problem/ solution styled products that I am known for.

HM: Any related to your items of the past? Schneider: Ahhh, you will have to wait and see, but I assure you they all are exciting and work great.

HM: I am specifically interested in your music product, it intrigues me. You say the product assist successful musicians to engage better and become more personal with their fan base while at the same time giving them an opportunity to really increase their revenues in a big way. Can you give me a little more, is it a tech product of some sort?

Schneider: The idea spawned from a well known musician who approached me almost 2 years ago and told me essentially the only way for musician’s today to generate significant revenues was by touring and they all get tired of touring It is physically hard and takes tremendous energies. He asked me if I could develop some type of product for them to consider selling to their fans. I didn’t give it much thought at the time and I was busy with some other projects then but I did take them time and review well over 100 of the top musicians or groups websites, I must say I was pretty shocked, they all sold pretty much the exact same thing to their fans, caps, t-shirts, occasional watches or perfumes and compilations of their previous released music to a degree that was it. So one day after a series of 2 events in less than 12 hours the “Melissa” moment hit me out of the blue like the Reese’s was developed.

HM: What is that, Reese’s?
Schneider: When peanut butter and chocolate collide, a famous candy in the U.S.

HM: I had to laugh. But he offered nothing more after much prodding other than saying it is his best invention idea in over 27 years of inventing products.


After the end of the interview, I Skyped him back and tried one more time and asked him to share a little more about his music idea I swore I not publish. Schneider hesitated, said if I would agree to sign his privacy agreement, he would. He sent it, I returned to him; I anxiously called him back to get some more scoop on this product for musicians. I can say this. he asked me who my all-time favorite musician was, I told him and then he built the story line using his product around this songwriter/musician I am endeared to so much. His enthusiasm is infectious to say the least, I must say, I was pretty blown away. This guy is truly onto something big no question about it. Genius is an understatement. I cannot wait for its release and my promised sample.

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